mission statement

the marvelwood school provides an affirmative environment in which students develop strong core values, empathy, a respect for diversity, and an appreciation for the value of service to others.

a marvelwood education empowers graduates to become creative, resilient, mindful, and confident young adults ready to meet the challenges of higher learning, the workplace, and a rapidly-changing world.

core values


honesty has been and remains the school’s most important rule and guiding principle. being honest involves keeping promises, having the courage to do the right thing and to admit wrongdoing, being candid and forthright in all relationships and situations, and practicing truthfulness in all communication, actions and decision-making. honesty inspires trust and builds strength of character which all members of the marvelwood community should strive to achieve.


self-respect and respect for others are the cornerstones of our diverse community. self-esteem, courtesy and wise decision-making form the foundation for a school based on the values of empathy and tolerance. the value of community goes beyond the notion of assimilation to embrace mutual respect, diversity and integration, which mean learning from each other’s experiences and beliefs to build a common and evolving school character.



being responsible means being in charge of our choices and, thus, our lives. it means being accountable for what we do, what we say and who we are. it also means recognizing that our actions matter and that we are morally bound to the consequences.


the school’s longstanding commitment to serving others reflects our desire to foster and nurture a genuine service ethic in all members of our community. students, faculty and staff are encouraged to look beyond themselves by reaching out to others, showing kindness and generosity, anticipating the needs of others, and putting service before self.

key facts

the marvelwood school was founded in 1956

head of school
blythe everett p'14, '16
chairman, board of trustees
timothy carpenter '71
9-12, pg
class offerings
honors courses
advanced placement courses
student:faculty ratio
average class size
esl program
3 levels
tutorial programs
learning support, math tutorial
student body
10 total: 72 boarding, 28 day
geographical demographics
9 countries, 12 states
u.s. students of color
international students
advanced degrees
average faculty tenure
13 years
residential faculty
31 (75%)
cais, naistabs, wcbs